Requires wallet support. Requires an unlocked wallet or an unencrypted wallet.

The signmessage RPC signs a message with the private key of an address.

Parameter #1—the address corresponding to the private key to sign with

Name Type Presence Description
Address string (base58) Required
(exactly 1)
A P2PKH address whose private key belongs to this wallet

Parameter #2—the message to sign

Name Type Presence Description
Message string Required
(exactly 1)
The message to sign

Result—the message signature

Name Type Presence Description
result string (base64) Required
(exactly 1)
The signature of the message, encoded in base64.


Sign a the message “Hello, World!” using the following address:

pai-cli signmessage PaXVxzkruFZPidQjsDft9CW174Tr99xngu "Hello, World!"



See also

  • SignMessageWithPrivKey: signs a message with a given private key.
  • VerifyMessage: verifies a signed message.