Requires wallet support.

The settxfee RPC sets the transaction fee per kilobyte paid by transactions created by this wallet.

Parameter #1—the transaction fee amount per kilobyte

Name Type Presence Description
Transaction Fee Per Kilobyte number (pai’s) Required
(exactly 1)
The transaction fee to pay, in pai’s, for each kilobyte of transaction data. Be careful setting the fee too low—your transactions may not be relayed or included in blocks

Result: true on success

Name Type Presence Description
result bool (true) Required
(exactly 1)
Set to true if the fee was successfully set


Set the transaction fee per kilobyte to 100,000 satoshis.

pai-cli -testnet settxfee 0.00100000



See also

  • GetWalletInfo: provides information about the wallet.
  • GetNetworkInfo: returns information about the node’s connection to the network.