Requires wallet support.

The listaddressgroupings RPC lists groups of addresses that may have had their common ownership made public by common use as inputs in the same transaction or from being used as change from a previous transaction.

Parameters: none

Result—an array of arrays describing the groupings

Name Type Presence Description
result array Required
(exactly 1)
An array containing the groupings. May be empty

array Optional
(0 or more)
An array containing arrays of addresses which can be associated with each other
→ →
Address Details
array Required
(1 or more)
An array containing information about a particular address
→ → →
string (base58) Required
(exactly 1)
The address in base58check format
→ → →
number (pai’s) Required
(exactly 1)
The current spendable balance of the address, not counting unconfirmed transactions
→ → →
string Optional
(0 or 1)
The account the address belongs to, if any. This field will not be returned for change addresses. The default account is an empty string ("")


pai-cli -testnet listaddressgroupings

Result (edited to only the first two results):


See also

  • GetAddressesByAccount: returns a list of every address assigned to a particular account.
  • GetTransaction: gets detailed information about an in-wallet transaction.