The gettxoutsetinfo RPC returns statistics about the confirmed unspent transaction output (UTXO) set. Note that this call may take some time and that it only counts outputs from confirmed transactions—it does not count outputs from the memory pool.

Parameters: none

Result—statistics about the UTXO set

Name Type Presence Description
result object Required
(exactly 1)
Information about the UTXO set

number (int) Required
(exactly 1)
The height of the local best block chain. A new node with only the hardcoded genesis block will have a height of 0

string (hex) Required
(exactly 1)
The hash of the header of the highest block on the local best block chain, encoded as hex in RPC byte order

number (int) Required
(exactly 1)
The number of transactions with unspent outputs

number (int) Required
(exactly 1)
The size of the serialized UTXO set in bytes; not counting overhead, this is the size of the chainstate directory in the pai Core configuration directory

string (hex) Required
(exactly 1)
A SHA256(SHA256()) hash of the serialized UTXO set; useful for comparing two nodes to see if they have the same set (they should, if they always used the same serialization format and currently have the same best block). The hash is encoded as hex in RPC byte order

number (pai’s) Required
(exactly 1)
The total number of pai’s in the UTXO set


pai-cli -testnet gettxoutsetinfo


    "height" : 315293,
    "bestblock" : "00000000c92356f7030b1deeab54b3b02885711320b4c48523be9daa3e0ace5d",
    "transactions" : 771920,
    "txouts" : 2734587,
    "bytes_serialized" : 102629817,
    "hash_serialized" : "4753470fda0145760109e79b8c218a1331e84bb4269d116857b8a4597f109905",
    "total_amount" : 13131746.33839451

See also

  • GetBlockChainInfo: provides information about the current state of the block chain.
  • GetMemPoolInfo: returns information about the node’s current transaction memory pool.