Get Chain Tips

The getchaintips RPC returns information about the highest-height block (tip) of each local block chain.

Parameters: none

Result—an array of block chain tips

Name Type Presence Description
result array Required
(exactly 1)
An array of JSON objects, with each object describing a chain tip. At least one tip—the local best block chain—will always be present

object Required
(1 or more)
An object describing a particular chain tip. The first object will always describe the active chain (the local best block chain)
→ →
number (int) Required
(exactly 1)
The height of the highest block in the chain. A new node with only the genesis block will have a single tip with height of 0
→ →
string (hex) Required
(exactly 1)
The hash of the highest block in the chain, encoded as hex in RPC byte order
→ →
number (int) Required
(exactly 1)
The number of blocks that are on this chain but not on the main chain. For the local best block chain, this will be 0; for all other chains, it will be at least 1
→ →
string Required
(exactly 1)
The status of this chain. Valid values are
active for the local best block chain
invalid for a chain that contains one or more invalid blocks
headers-only for a chain with valid headers whose corresponding blocks both haven’t been validated and aren’t stored locally
valid-headers for a chain with valid headers whose corresponding blocks are stored locally, but which haven’t been fully validated
valid-fork for a chain which is fully validated but which isn’t part of the local best block chain (it was probably the local best block chain at some point)
unknown for a chain whose reason for not being the active chain is unknown


pai-cli -testnet getchaintips
        "height" : 312647,
        "hash" : "000000000b1be96f87b31485f62c1361193304a5ad78acf47f9164ea4773a843",
        "branchlen" : 0,
        "status" : "active"
        "height" : 282072,
        "hash" : "00000000712340a499b185080f94b28c365d8adb9fc95bca541ea5e708f31028",
        "branchlen" : 5,
        "status" : "valid-fork"
        "height" : 281721,
        "hash" : "000000006e1f2a32199629c6c1fbd37766f5ce7e8c42bab0c6e1ae42b88ffe12",
        "branchlen" : 1,
        "status" : "valid-headers"

See also

  • GetBestBlockHash: returns the header hash of the most recent block on the best block chain.
  • GetBlock: gets a block with a particular header hash from the local block database either as a JSON object or as a serialized block.
  • GetBlockChainInfo: provides information about the current state of the block chain.