Decode Script

The decodescript RPC

Parameter #1—a hex-encoded redeem script

Name Type Presence Description
Redeem Script String(hex) Required(Exactly 1) The redeem script to decode as a hex-encoded serialized script

Result—the decoded script

Name Type Presence Description
Result object Required(Exactly 1) An object describing the decoded script, or JSON null if the script could not be decoded

string Required(Exactly 1) The redeem script in decoded form with non-data-pushing opcodes listed. May be empty

string Optional (0 or 1) The type of script. This will be one of the following:
pubkey for a P2PK script inside P2SH
pubkeyhash for a P2PKH script inside P2SH
multisig for a multisig script inside P2SH
nonstandard for unknown scripts

number (int) Optional
(0 or 1)
The number of signatures required; this is always 1 for P2PK or P2PKH within P2SH. It may be greater than 1 for P2SH multisig. This value will not be returned for nonstandard script types (see the type key above)

array Optional
(0 or 1)
A P2PKH addresses used in this script, or the computed P2PKH addresses of any pubkeys in this script. This array will not be returned for nonstandard script types
→ →
string Required
(1 or more)
A P2PKH address

string (hex) Required
(exactly 1)
The P2SH address of this redeem script


A 2-of-3 P2SH multisig pubkey script:

pai-cli -testnet decodescript 522103ede722780d27b05f0b1169ef\


    "asm" : "2 03ede722780d27b05f0b1169efc90fa15a601a32fc6c3295114500c586831b6aaf 02ecd2d250a76d204011de6bc365a56033b9b3a149f679bc17205555d3c2b2854f 022d609d2f0d359e5bc0e5d0ea20ff9f5d3396cb5b1906aa9c56a0e7b5edc0c5d5 3 OP_CHECKMULTISIG",
    "reqSigs" : 2,
    "type" : "multisig",
    "addresses" : [
    "p2sh" : "PaXVxzkruFZPidQjsDft9CW174Tr99xngu"

See also

  • CreateMultiSig: creates a P2SH multi-signature address.
  • Pay-To-Script-Hash (P2SH)