Create Multi Sig

The createmultisig RPC creates a P2SH multi-signature address.

Parameter #1—the number of signatures required

Name Type Presence Description
Required number(int) Required(Exactly 1) The minimum (m) number of signatures required to spend this m-of-n multisig script

Parameter #2—the full public keys, or addresses for known public keys

Name Type Presence Description
Keys Or Addresses array Required(Exactly 1) An array of strings with each string being a public key or address

Result—P2SH address and hex-encoded redeem script

Name Type Presence Description
result object Required(Exactly 1) An object describing the multisig address
→ address string (base58) Required(Exactly 1) The P2SH address for this multisig redeem script
→ redeemScript string (hex) Required(Exactly 1) The multisig redeem script encoded as hex


Creating a 2-of-3 P2SH multisig address by mixing two P2PKH addresses and one full public key:

PAI-cli -testnet createmultisig 2 '''


  "address" : "PaXVxzkruFZPidQjsDft9CW174Tr99xngu",
  "redeemScript" : "522103ede722780d27b05f0b1169efc90fa15a601a32fc6c3295114500c586831b6aaf2102ecd2d250a76d204011de6bc365a56033b9b3a149f679bc17205555d3c2b2854f21022d609d2f0d359e5bc0e5d0ea20ff9f5d3396cb5b1906aa9c56a0e7b5edc0c5d553ae"

See also

  • AddMultiSigAddress: adds a P2SH multisig address to the wallet.
  • DecodeScript: decodes a hex-encoded P2SH redeem script.
  • Pay-To-Script-Hash (P2SH)