Add Witness Address

Requires wallet support. Requires an unlocked wallet or an unencrypted wallet.

The addwitnessaddress RPC adds a witness address for a script (with pubkey or redeem script known).

Parameter #1—the witness address

Name Type Presence Description
Address String(base58) Required(Exactly 1) A witness address that gets added to a script. Needs to be in the wallet and uncompressed

Result—the witness script

Name Type Presence Description
result String(base58) Required(Exactly 1) The value of the new address (P2SH of witness script)


PAI-cli addwitnessaddress PaXVxzkruFZPidQjsDft9CW174Tr99xngu


The RPC is disabled by default on mainnet as long as Segregated Witness has not been activated. -walletprematurewitness enables the RPC.


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