Add Node

The addnode RPC attempts to add or remove a node from the addnode list, or to try a connection to a node once.

Parameter #1—hostname/IP address and port of node to add or remove

Name Type Presence Description
Node string Required(Exactly 1) The node to add as a string in the form of :. The IP address may be a hostname resolvable through DNS, an IPv4 address, an IPv4-as-IPv6 address, or an IPv6 address

Parameter #2—whether to add or remove the node, or to try only once to connect

Name Type Presence Description
Command string Required(Exactly 1) What to do with the IP address above. Options are: add to add a node to the addnode list. Up to 8 nodes can be added additional to the default 8 nodes. Not limited by -maxconnections. remove to remove a node from the list. If currently connected, this will disconnect immediately. onetry to immediately attempt connection to the node even if the outgoing connection slots are full; this will only attempt the connection once.

Result—null plus error on failed remove

Name Type Presence Description
result null Required(Exactly 1) Always JSON null whether the node was added, removed, tried-and-connected, or tried-and-not-connected. The JSON-RPC error field will be set only if you try removing a node that is not on the addnodes list


Try connecting to the following node.

PAI-cli -testnet addnode onetry

Result (no output from PAI-cli because result is set to null).

See also

  • GetAddedNodeInfo: returns information about the given added node, or all added nodes (except onetry nodes). Only nodes which have been manually added using the addnode RPC will have their information displayed.