Dockerized Paicoin Build

To run the dockerized Paicoin Build, you must first install docker. Note, the normal docker executable might be incompatible with certain operating systems (like Windows 10 Home). If you have an incompatible operating system this might be resolved by installing docker toolbox from:

After installing docker, you will need to download the following files and place them in the same directory:

After downloading the files, open up the command-line in the directory they were downloaded into. Then use the following commands in the command-line:

  1. docker build -t "paicoin_build:v1" .
  2. docker run -i -t --name pc_bld "paicoin_build:v1"

The last command should allow you to use the command line interface of paicoin.

For example, if you run paicoin-cli with the argument getbestblockhash you should get something like:

# paicoin-cli getbestblockhash