Dockerized Block Explorer

To run the dockerized block chain, you must first install docker. Note, the normal docker executable might be incompatible with certain operating systems (like Windows 10 Home). If you have an incompatible operating system this might be resolved by installing docker toolbox from:

After installing docker, you will need to download the following files and place them in the same directory:

After downloading the files, open up the command-line in the directory they were downloaded into. Then use the following commands in the command-line:

  1. docker build -t "block_explorer:v1" .
  2. docker run -i -t -p 8080 --name blk_explr "block_explorer:v1"
  3. You should get a prompt asking you for a username and password for the JSON-RPC interface. Remember them as you will use them later.
  4. Docker will map a port on the host that corresponds to a port on the container. To find out the address you should type into your web browser, enter the following command into the command-line:

    docker port blk_explr 8080

    It should display an address similar to the following:
  5. Enter the address in step 4 into a web browser with the suffix, paicoin-info. For example, if your address was you would enter:

    You might need to substitute “” with “localhost” if your web browser is not being cooperative.

  6. Enter “config” into the search bar for this “site.” (The search bar should have the text “Insert anything, press enter” inside of it).
  7. You should now be at a page asking you for a password. Enter a password that you would like to use for this site. It can be different than the password you entered earlier.
  8. You should now see a page with the title of “Configuation” and a subtitle of “Blockchain source settings.”
    • In the “Host” field, enter localhost
    • In the “Port” field, enter 8566
    • In the “RPC Username” field, use the username you had entered in step 3.
    • In the “RPC Password” field, use the password you had entered in step 3.
    • Leave the rest of the fields blank.
  9. paicoind needs some time to download the entire blockchain so wait a few minutes before doing any work.

  10. Visit for some of the commands available for the search bar.