Block Explorer

Build instructions for running a local PAIcoin block explorer on OSX. Kudos if you can create a docker files, please see this issue.

  1. Run paicoin. See the configuration section in the navigation of this website.
  2. Create a paicoin folder in /Users/your-user-on-osx/Library/Application Support – the folder structure will be different depending on OS
  3. Create a paicoin.conf file in that folder and set rpc user and password as described in the paicoin build documents
  4. Add txindex=1 to paicoin.conf
  5. Duplicate that paicoin.conf file in the same folder and change filename to bitcoin.conf (not sure this is necessary but it helped at one point with the abe explorer.)
  6. git clone
  7. git checkout segwit (want to use the experimental segwit branch.)
  8. Put this file into the path abe/chain/ otherwise the launch will complain
  9. In the abe folder try running python install
  10. Create a abe.conf file in the abe folder using this configuration file example (be sure to update yourname with your osx user account name) Create a abe-pg.conf file in the abe folder with these values:
    dbtype psycopg2
    connect-args {"database":"paiexplorer2"}
    port 2750
  11. Get postgresql running on the machine, create a user and database named paiexplorer2 (which is referenced in the two config files)
  12. In the paicoin folder run ./src/paidcoind to get the paicoin daemon running Open a new tab to check that it’s running in the same folder run ./src/paicoin-cli getwalletinfo or ./src/paicoin-cli help to get a list of commands
  13. Run in the paicoin folder tail -f $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/PAIcoin/debug.log or the relevant command in the build docs to let you see the chain sync process
  14. After it is caught up, it’s time run ABE’s block parsing. In the abe folder run python -m Abe.abe --config abe.conf --commit-bytes 100000 --no-serve
  15. That should start showing you block numbers increasing. If you open up a gui tool for postgres like navicat you should see that it is populating the psql database.
  16. In the psql database there is a table called Chain where you should see values for PAI. Change the chain_address_version to 38, chain_script_address_version to 82, and chain_magic to 0b091107
  17. When it is done syncing to psql run this command in the abe folder python -m Abe.abe --config abe.conf
  18. Navigate to http://localhost:2750/ in your browser