Rock on! Thank you for your interest in contributing to this site and community.

  • Anyone can comment, add vote emojis, or silently lurk on any issue in the J1149 Github issue tracker.
  • Identify something that you want to improve or suggest an improvement regardless of your coding ability. If it is not tracked in the issue tracker, add it!
  • If you are ready to tackle an item in the issue tracker, we recommend that you discuss the initiative before making an attempt. For large issues: we recommend that you describe your plan in the issue ticket or via the slack channel.
  • You can send issue-solving code via slack, email, postcard, or carrier pigeon. For the technically inclined, we recommend submitting changes as a pull request.
  • Your changes will go live if people generally agree that your improvement is good. Even better, it might be eligible for a bounty! Merged pull request contributors are automatically added to the list of contributors, and thanked for being very cool.